Hi Alan,

On 9/20/11 5:30 AM, Alan Post wrote:
> Will you show me how to see hand-shapes
> for glyphs using SWIS2 and the hand1 font?
That doesn't work right now.  Only PNG, SVG, and ASCII are currently 

I did play around with the idea of expanding the hand photos into a 
usable font.  I have all of the scripts ready to rotate and mirror the 
photo images, but for some reason my Ubuntu server could only process a 
couple of hand shapes before a hard crash would shut down the computer.  
I couldn't determine the reason why this was happening and I couldn't 
come up with a work around, so I dropped the idea.  I may revisit this 
idea in the future when I rebuild my Ubuntu server.

For now, the hand1 font is only for reference, as used in the ISWA 2010 
HTML Reference: