Hi folks,

I'm new to the community.  I became interested in learning sign language 
early this year, and discovered Sign Writing through some web searches.  
Recently, I also became interested in learning about mobile application 
development, and SignWriting seemed like a great way to store a large 
ASL dictionary offline (so I can get it on the subway and without 
downloading a large video or something) and SignPuddle's export made it 
possible to start with a large database of signs.

This is still not-even-alpha software -- lots of bugs, and debugging 
data exposed, but for those of you with Android phones you should be 
able to install this .apk file:

(Follow these instructions:
  and then visit the above link from your phone.  After install, read 
the About page first.)

Right now, it's just a dictionary with look-up, but I hope eventually to 
add reverse-lookup, a sign composer (so people can add to the dictionary 
easily), and support for arbitrary dictionaries (via spml files?).

I'd also like to open-source license it, but because I'd like this app 
to be available on the android and iphone markets, I need to figure out 
what the best license is for such things (since they're pretty 
antagonistic toward open-source apps).

In the meantime, this is also just a hello.  SignWriting was really easy 
to learn, and the infrastructure that all of you have built is amazing.