Hi Andre,

There are a couple of things going on here.

For editing SignText documents, Internet Explorer is failing to load.  
This is not related to the Accessibility options.  I am investigating 
this right now.  If you use Firefox, you will not have this problem.  
I'm not sure when this started.  I tested IE before launching SignPuddle 
1.6 and it was working.  Thanks for pointing this out.

For the SVG, there are 2 issues.  First, Internet Exporer is failing to 
load SVG images.  Second, the high contrast is forcing colors to change 
and overriding values which is causing problems.

If you want to view the SVG Refinement right now, you'll need to use 
FireFox.  As you've noticed, the select colors button is not working.  
This is due to the high contrast setting.  If you manually enter a sign 
color of "ffffff" and a background color of "000000" in FireFox, you 
should be able to view the SVG.

To view the SVG in Internet Explorer, I think we need to install a 
plugin.  When I try to view the SVG, I'm getting a broken icon telling 
me it failed to load.  I'll investigate and get back to you.

Regarding the problems caused by the accessibility option, I really do 
not have a clue.  It is force overriding values and I don't know how to 
stop this, if I even can.  I'll see what I can do.