Hi Alan,

The SignWriting Image Server you downloaded does not include all of the 
font software.  You'll need to download one or more of the SVG fonts.  
You can find them online:

There are 5 SVG fonts to choose from for the ISWA 2010: 1) Refinement, 
2) Line Trace, 3) Shadow Trace, 4) Smooth, and 5) Angular.  Download the 
desired zip files.  Each is just under 30 MB.  Put it in the 
"swis2/iswa" subdirectory and unzip.

The default is the SVG Refinement: svg1.  This is a work in progress and 
is not yet completed.

The svg2 - svg5 have been completed and are stable.  The SVG Line Trace 
(svg2) is my favorite.  You'll need to use "style=svg2" to access it.