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September 20. 2011

Hello Bob!
I am so glad you received your book. That was fast - I mailed your book on Saturday and you received it on Monday - bravo to the US post office ;-)

Thank you for your kind words about the book. Yes...this was a book in progress for years, and as you know, we still need to write Chapter 12, which will include a history of hand symbol and palm facing development, as well as exceptions and most importantly, examples of signs that use the symbols. The first 261 pages are showing the basic symbols, but they are only listings of the symbols, without showing how they are applied in real documents. So giving examples will really help your students.

I will be sending you Chapter 12 like a supplement when it is ready - It may take us another year to really complete Chapter 12, because Adam is at Gallaudet University right now, finishing his Masters Degree in Linguistics. When Adam comes next summer, we hope to finish Chapter 12, and to also start Manual 3 in the series... "SignWriting Movement Symbols".

As you know, the SignWriting Reference Manuals series will include five manuals in time:

Manual 1: SignWriting Basics
Manual 2: SignWriting Hand Symbols
Manual 3: SignWriting Movement Symbols
Manual 4: SignWriting Head, Face and Gesture
Manual 5: SignWriting Literature Composition

These manuals are documenting the symbols of the ISWA 2010.

Keep us informed with any suggestions or questions -

And I am interested in your book, Bob. Can you tell us more about it. What is its title? I would like to buy a copy too...

Val ;-)


On Sep 20, 2011, at 7:30 AM, Bob Gotwals wrote:

> Greetings all, I was thrilled to get my copy of the new SW manual last night in the mail. Having written a book, I am VERY aware of the time, energy, highs and lows of that effort. My congratulations to Valerie and Adam, I'm very much looking forward to using this manuscript to improve my abilities to work with ASL students.
> Again, congratulations, Val and Adam!
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