Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, Honza.

It looks like you have the writer's preference on the FIRST and FOURTH signs. ;-)

With the THIRD, I personally don't use the forward-down arrows because it doesn't really have affect in ASL that much. If you feel it does, then use it. :-)

The SECOND and FIFTH sign is what really interests me and why it has taken me so long to reply. I saw them as the same sign, but you said they aren't and pointed out how. Now I see the "square" and "triangle" difference. I have been wondering how to write them so they aren't the same. I have made another attempt with the SECOND sign. It is written with focus on the details. From there you can decide where to simplify the writing without losing too much information. 

Now for your question about embedding videos in SignPuddle. Do you have your video hosted on a site like YouTube? From there you can embed your video with the embed code that they give you in the "Video Markup" box of "Write Words"


On Aug 31, 2011, at 7:00 AM, Honza wrote:

Hello Val and Adam,

thanks for your opinion.
FIRST sign can be touch-touch or brush.

SECOND and FIFTH sign are not the same! SECOND is "square" and FIFTH is "triangle".
I think that SECOND is correct in "my" writing and FIFTH is correct in Adam's writing. 

THIRD mean "there is". Direction of movement is forward-down (like airplane landing).

FOURTH means "various". Yes there is a thrill. Direction can be to the side or side-down.

Thanks for your answers.

PS: I didn't know about embed video in SignPuddle.

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July 24, 2011

Hello Honza and Adam -
Thanks to you both for your writing of this video, in SignWriting:

Czech Sign Language video, MP4 format

I have placed your two SignWritten versions side by side in the attached diagram. It is fun to look at the differences:

Honza -

You asked about the first, third and fifth signs...

FIRST SIGN: In your writing, it is a Touch-Touch. Adam saw it as a Rub. When I looked at the video I saw a BRUSH. 

SECOND SIGN: Your two signs are very similarly written. Adam wrote the second hand position, which is a little safer. Most people will read it well if they see the second hand position. So I would suggest writing the second position. The Finger Movement symbol is fine if there is a position it relates to...

THIRD SIGN: I confess the third sign was very fast and a little hard for me to see, but I can see you both wrote trilled alternating fingers and it seems to be a trill and the only question is what direction is the hand going... I guess I would have written it going down, but if you know the language, Honza, and it feels like forward to you then of course write it forward. Perhaps it is both forward and down in a diagonal?

FIFTH SIGN: I would write it like Adam wrote it. Do you have a specific question about this sign?

Did you know that you can embed the video in SignPuddle? SignPuddle 1.6 has a new area for placing the embed code for videos so they show up in SignPuddle. Would you like to place your video in SignPuddle?

Thank you for sharing with us, Honza - write to the List to ask more questions - 

Val ;-)


SignWriting List
July 24, 2011

On Jul 22, 2011, at 6:10 AM, Honza wrote:

Hi Val,

We wonder how to write some signs from this movie:

Click on one of these links to view the movie:

Czech Sign Language video, MP4 format

Czech Sign Language video, FLV format

Here is our SignWriting of this video, written in SignPuddle:

You can see how we wrote this video here:

But we are not sure about how to write the first, third and fifth sign..

Can you help?



Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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