SignWriting List
September 20, 2011

Hello Adam and Steve!
Congratulations to you both. You are a team and without both of your "tireless" efforts we would not have such a lovely version of SVG in SignPuddle's ColumnMaker right now!

I am preparing some instruction for our users, to learn how to change your documents from the PNG Standard to the SVG Refinement fonts, to see if the SVG is helpful to your publications - Steve just posted the SVG Refinement font so I myself have not learned yet, how it looks when we print a document - I am looking forward to exploring what this accomplishment means for all of us -

And Adam, you did work tirelessly, for three months, every day during the summer of 2011, and also for several years earlier... I know because you were here in my home doing the work! So I saw the painstaking dot-by-dot-png images become smooth SVG images - and then I asked you to re-do some of them to a thinner line - and that was no small task -

I also want to acknowledge Machado from Brazil for his original and first full SVG font for SignWriting, that was done for the IMWA 2004. Thank you, Machado, for paving the way. And now Adam and Steve have done the same for the ISWA 2010. I plan to write a history of the SVG development, when I can - It is an impressive job all around -

SVG is not TrueType - Stefan and Steve Parkhurst and Michael Everson have created beautiful TrueType fonts for SignWriting that are so wonderful, and we need TrueType too. But SVG can help create new TrueType fonts for the future, and in some ways, gives the same look, because now the Facial Circles are smoother with both SVG and TrueType.

As Adam knows, I am a caregiver here in my home for my parents and I need to help them with breakfast, but later today I will tell you all how to use the SVG we have in SignPuddle now - I am testing it in Microsoft Word and other documents -

Have a great day everyone!

Val ;-)


On Sep 20, 2011, at 7:24 AM, Adam Frost wrote:

Oh, I don't know about working tirelessly because there were times I was quite tired. ;-) But I knew I had to get it done.


On Sep 20, 2011, at 10:18 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi list,

This past summer, Adam Frost worked tirelessly to finish the Scalable Vector Graphics refinement of the ISWA 2010. He completed every symbol.  SVG allows for round circles, smooth lines, and improved clarity at different sizes.

After Adam finished his work, I needed to rotate, refactor, and package his work as a font that could work with SignPuddle.  This has been completed.

The new version of the SVG Refinement has been installed in SignPuddle.  You can access it through ColumnMaker.

For those using the SignWriting Image Server or other custom software, you can download the new version of the SVG Refinement font online:

This is not the final version of the SVG Refinement, but this is the first time the entire symbol set has been available in this font.

Thanks to Adam for all of his work.