Will you look at this ticket I filed against inkscape:

In particular, the comments are illuminating.  It appears that
SWIS is generating invalid svg files (they have no closing
tag), and it's *possible*, though not confirmed, that there
is a bounding-box related issue in the generated file as well.

When I test SignPuddle, the closing tag is included.  My local
SWIS2 is not attaching the closing tag.  Will you refresh SWIS2
so it generates this closing tag?  I note also that the width
and height arguments differ between SignPuddle and my local

Maybe you've already refreshed and I just need to update?


On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 07:37:20AM -0500, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> An empty sign box in KSW is "M0x0".
> Regards,
> -Steve
> On 10/25/11 7:25 AM, Alan Post wrote:
> >Is there a ksw code that I can use that will render an empty/null
> >glyph?  Will you tell me what that code is?
> >
> >I've got a set of database records all with a ksw code attached.
> >Not all of them in fact have ksw codes, but rather than checking
> >each record, I'd like to render a blank/empty image for these
> >records.
> >
> >-Alan

.i ma'a lo bradi cu penmi gi'e du