I understood it's a dictionary to look it up only. I just think it would make a nice features if it has notepad that saves my signwriting. I'm spending more time on my mobile phone than my pc. Only time I use pc is on weekend.  This apps still sweet tho. I'm not complaining. 

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From: "Schuyler Duveen" <[log in to unmask]>
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Subject: android app for SignPuddle US dictionary
Date: Sun, Nov 20, 2011 8:52 am

Could you explain the use-case a bit more for why you want to compose in
sign-writing? Is it to transcribe signing that you see, or write 'in
ASL' or use signwriting only when english/text does not suffice?

For the near-term, I'm focusing on dictionary capabilities -- composing
entries, lookup, reverse-lookup, etc.


On Nov 17, 2011, at 12:52 PM, Freddy wrote:

Awesome. I downloaded this apps. Nice apps. I would like to see next
version capable to copy and paste or note pad where I can write in
signwriting. Thank you!!!

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Subject: android app for SignPuddle US dictionary
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 11:01 am

SignWriting List
November 17, 2011

Hello Schuyler!
Thank you for this work…I am amazed and excited about it. Bill…if it
works please tell us!

Val ;-)


On Nov 16, 2011, at 9:33 PM, Bill Reese wrote:

> Schuyler,
> What a coincidence, I just tried your old app again a couple of days
ago and it still didn't work - pressing on the buttons didn't do
anything. I uninstalled it from my phone. I hope your new one works this
> Bill
> On 11/16/2011 11:20 PM, Schuyler Duveen wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> Thanks everyone for sending feedback and issues back in September. I
just started a new job, so I've been a little distracted, but finally
was able to come back around to this project. A new version is at the
same URL:
>> You can also just download it from the Android Market by searching
for 'skysigns'
>> It's still a little slow on older devices, but please let me know if
something doesn't work. It's basically a functional dictionary now.
>> I'm now working on a composer, which will let people upload signs
which will then get added to the dictionary (after some moderation).
After an issue or two is resolved, it will also be an iPhone app and a
website with the same functionality.
>> If you want to preview the composer functionality, go to the About
page and scroll ALL the way down, and then click the "enable
experimental mode" link. Nothing will happen, but if you exit and
re-enter the app, you'll suddenly have a 'Add new sign' option and you
can edit any sign in the dictionary.
>> One thing I was trying to do is use the compose context as a kind of
intro to sign writing -- by indexing common symbols. A few of the sign
lists in the help/compose section have been selected by looking for the
most common elements used in the dictionary. But the general approach is
not to be comprehensive with all the shapes -- instead having a short
but useful list. I'd love feedback on important hand-shapes that are not
included or anything that's mislabeled.
>> Finally, the html/javascript part of it is open-source:
>> cheers,
>> sky
>> PS If you reply, please CC my email address ([log in to unmask]) since I
read the list in digest format, and it will be harder to answer.
>> On 09/06/2011 11:02 AM, Schuyler Duveen wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I'm new to the community. I became interested in learning sign
language early this year, and discovered Sign Writing through some web
searches. Recently, I also became interested in learning about mobile
application development, and SignWriting seemed like a great way to
store a large ASL dictionary offline (so I can get it on the subway and
without downloading a large video or something) and SignPuddle's export
made it possible to start with a large database of signs.
>>> This is still not-even-alpha software -- lots of bugs, and debugging
data exposed, but for those of you with Android phones you should be
able to install this .apk file:
>>> (Follow these instructions:
>>> and then visit the above link from your phone. After install, read
the About page first.)
>>> Right now, it's just a dictionary with look-up, but I hope
eventually to add reverse-lookup, a sign composer (so people can add to
the dictionary easily), and support for arbitrary dictionaries (via spml
>>> I'd also like to open-source license it, but because I'd like this
app to be available on the android and iphone markets, I need to figure
out what the best license is for such things (since they're pretty
antagonistic toward open-source apps).
>>> In the meantime, this is also just a hello. SignWriting was really
easy to learn, and the infrastructure that all of you have built is
>>> cheers,
>>> Schuyler