Hi Stuart,


thanks for your attention. Well – right now we change anything we want to change within SignPuddle. One night later we can use this given sign in delegs.  On the other hand the wonderful softareprogrammer gang will be able to develop our own editor ( compared to the signmaker) In the futute you will be able to pick a sign, to open the Editor and to change it the way you want to ...


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Betreff: Question about the Delegs Editor




Valerie sent me the link to your editor. Very impressive. 


I have a question though. Suppose I wanted to pick a certain sign, but I needed to modify the facial expression or body movements for that sign. How would I do so? I saw how to pick a different variant of a sign. I didn't see how I could take a specific sign already selected, and modify that sign to add facial expressions, body movements, or body shifts that may be necessary.