“There is a second way of writing this, but if you are happy with this I am
too …smile...” – 


Well I agree –  with a tiny difference – I would flip the curved baby finger
in position 2 (palm to the left and back of hand to the right) 





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Betreff: Re: News handshapes in Brazilian Sign Language (LSB/Libras)


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November 15, 2011


Thank you for the attached photos and suggestions for hand symbols. As you
know, you are welcome to construct the hand symbols as they are needed,
within the ISWA 2010. If you are finding confusions in writing certain hand
symbols that are in the ISWA 2010, of course it is good that you tell us,
and go right ahead and do what you feel is best… Meanwhile others around the
world are already using the ISWA 2010 as it is, so it is not possible for us
to stop everyone from writing the way they choose, but I am fully in support
of your efforts to improve your writing of your sign languages…


So in this discussion, I am only observing what you are telling us…but not
standing in judgement, since I have learned through experience that the hand
symbols will never be finished. There are too many possible variations of
hand positions and palm facings, for us to have ALL of them for writing
every sign language in the world…so please know I am happy that you are
sharing with us, and if we can read what you wrote, that is all that


Regarding Picture 1 below, with the Index Finger and Little Finger bent - I
know other sign languages need this hand symbol too. And I can read how you
constructed the symbols. So this fine. I can read it. There is a second way
of writing this, but if you are happy with this I am too …smile...






On Nov 12, 2011, at 9:50 AM, Madson Barreto wrote:

Please look these pictures of handshapes. Note that for each one these we
have a suggestion of writing in others handshapes.


- The picture “1” is the union of 01-01-007 (ISWA code) and 01-06-019;

- The picture “2” rememb me 01-08-018;

- The picture “4” is the union of handshapes 01-01-003 and 01-05-008. It
seems with 01-01-003.

- The picture “5” is the union of 01-06-013 [ I ] and 01-10-004 [A]. The
handshape “5” is very alike to the 01-06-021 [Y]. Here in Brazil usually use
it but it is very seems with 01-06-021 [Y]. I see that many people use it in
dactylology (spelling) 01-10-004 for [A] and 01-09-019 for [G]. The
handshape 01-06-021 is a different picture of “5”.



We intent include the handshape 1,2,3,4 and 5 them in ISWA and disclose this
here in Brazil for use of the 01-09-019 and 01-10-004, stop using 01-09-018
and 01-10-003 because they cause confusion in the writing of handshape “5”.



Eagerly await your reply,

Madson and Raquel Barreto