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November 22, 2011

Hello Bill!
What a fabulous, nice, large photo  - We will definitely use this photo to show people your display for SignPuddle at the Expo, on our web site - I like the way the SignPuddle screen can be seen over your friend's shoulder - very well photographed. And thanks again for displaying the software package and brochures too.

Nice to hear about a Deaf person being able to read the ASL signs quickly - it is amazing how fast some people read SignWriting if they know the sign language already and get the general idea behind the writing system - 

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. This is a uniquely American and Canadian holiday, although Canada celebrates in October I believe. We are celebrating Thanksgiving a day early, tomorrow, so that our friends can attend our party and other people's parties the next day - smile - so I am cooking for 10 people tomorrow - it will be fun and wish you all could be with us!

Val ;-)


On Nov 22, 2011, at 10:11 AM, Bill Reese wrote:

Val and others,

Thank you for asking how the Expo was.  I did enjoy it.  With the help of some audiology students from USF, a local university, we set up a tent gazebo with 4 tables under it.  The SignPuddle table was on one side and I was able to demonstrate it to a few people.   One born deaf man was confused at first.  I explained the symbols to him and his face lit up when it suddenly made sense for him and he could recognize the ASL words.  That was really worth it.

The following picture is of an interpreter friend looking at SignPuddle.
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