Hello Valerie and everyone,
The picture "5" is the union of 01-06-013 [I] and 01-10-004 [A]. The handshape "5" is very alike to the 01-06-021 [Y]. Here in Brazil usually use it but it is very Seems with 01-06-021 [Y].
That I see many people use it in fingerspelling is 01-10-004 [A] and 01-09-019 is [G]. The handshape 01-06-021 is a different picture of "5".
Initially had said here on this forum that my proposal was that here in Brazil were used only handshapes 01-09-019 and 01-10-004 and that they were no longer used the handshape 01-09-018 and 01-10-003 because They cause confusion in the writing of handshape "5".
Valerie, I have clarified your posts a lot, especially when he explained about the beginning of SignWriting SignWriter and software.
Madson Barreto 

Madson Barreto