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It is I who thank the creator of the system to accept participation in the group! 

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SignWriting ListJanuary 29, 2012
Hello Eda!Please forgive my tardiness in answering this question. I am glad you got the books in the postal mail. Your English is excellent, and I understand you perfectly!
And thanks once again to Yuri, for including me in the Facebook SignWriting group from Brazil. I have enjoyed reading your posts, Eda, on that Facebook list. I look forward to responding more on Facebook too. It is exciting to see how many people are learning SignWriting in Brazil!
Now…to answer your question about SignPuddle… When you go to SignPuddle for Brazil you see three places to save LIBRAS documents and signs:
You can technically save any writing in any of the three files. But generally, we try to do this:
Dictionary (for individual LIBRAS signs and their definitions)Literature (for LIBRAS literature, like storytelling, history articles, letters to friends, novels, poetry etc.)Encyclopedia (for articles that would be published someday in an encyclopedia that is written in LIBRAS, like a Wikipedia in LIBRAS)
So it would be a gift to the world if you can start writing in SignPuddle Online, because others will be able to read your signs and literature online in LIBRAS.
1. To start, go to:
Brazilian SignPuddle
2. Click on Dicionario.
3. Scroll down and on the left side, click on Registrar and then click on Entrar, to Login with your password.
4. Then start writing your own signs by clicking on SinalCriador (SignMaker) ….
5. Ask questions on how to use SignPuddle here on the List.
Others will be able to read your work, but they will not be able to change it because it is secure under your password.
Working online is secure.
We do have a desktop version of SignPuddle called the PersonalPuddle, but it is going to be updated soon and I suggest that you wait for now. Start working online and then later if you want, when the new PersonalPuddle is ready, you can purchase that if you wish…
But SignPuddle Online is free and good for the world, because others will learn from your writing - and will be able to read it immediately once you post, and you can always edit your own writing...
Keep asking questions here on the List and I promise I will be a better correspondent now -
Blessings - ;-)
Val ;-)

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Eda Amorim
Intérprete/Tradutora e Profa. de Língua Brasileira de Sinais
Especialista em Educação de Surdos

(11) 3416-7888 
(11) 2626-4945
(11) 9168-6761 
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Subject: questions SignPuddle
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 02:39:47 +0000

Hi, Val
I have a question. Which should I save SignPuddle, what's the difference between the three?
Another question. It has the laptop program, how to buy?

A word of thanks. Thank you for the gifts that come with the book. I loved, thank you.

Sorry, I'm studying English, beginner. At the moment google translate, rs


Eda Amorim
Intérprete/Tradutora e Profa. de Língua Brasileira de Sinais
Especialista em Educação de Surdos

(11) 3416-7888 
(11) 2626-4945
(11) 9168-6761 
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Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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