SignWriting List
February 9, 2012

What a brilliant idea, for a 2-Laned Horizontal Writing, Steve. Thank you for designing this. Of course, Stefan, your opinion and suggestions are the most important and we look forward to hearing from you on this idea…

If I were choosing, I would place signs that use the Overhead View of the Head in the Middle Lane, since the head in that exceptional case is not showing Facial Expressions or Head Movements - it is only a viewpoint used rarely to show depth…so it would be a Middle Lane sign from my perspective…

What do you think, Stefan?

Val ;-)


On Feb 9, 2012, at 7:46 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi Stefan and list,

I've been working on the SignWriting Image Server.  I updated the display function to output horizontal writing.

I tried out a new style of layout for horizontal writing and I'd like your feedback.  Here's the output for 4 signs and 1 punctuation.

This uses a technique similar to vertical writing because it uses lanes and offsets.  There are 2 lanes: a middle lane and an upper head lane.  Punctuation is always centered in the middle lane.  The second and the fourth signs are centered in the middle lane.  The first and third signs are centered in the head lane.  Any sign that has head symbols is vertically offset upwards into the head lane.

Signs written in the overhead view may cause complications, but otherwise I think the idea is solid.

Thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.