> Hello Eduardo and welcome to our SignWriting family all over the world.


> Well to learn to read and write the ABC of the Sign Language in Uruguay
> should not be a difficult task - smile

So I hope :)

> What we need to support you in doing so is a reference Video - that shows
> the performance of these hand shapes. Do you know of a internet - video that
> shows the ABC in your Sign Language?

Yes, I found one[1].  It misses some movements and a couple of
letters, but it's a good starting point.  I will try to write those

> Do we already have a SignPuddle Dictionary for Uruguay.
> Perhaps you can ask Valerie .... smile!

She's already taken care of that!  Thanks a lot Val!

> It will take some time to become a good scribe but it is so easy to learn to
> read SignWriting. There are already some very good tutorials, teaching
> material...

Just to figure out that I probably need to draw the thumb for the "A"
took me a while ... (if that is the way to show how the hand is
actually positioned).  I'm trying to follow those tutorials.  I really
hope to start writing something soon.

> The best way is to start with well known signs (numbers, letter, country
> signs, signs that explain themselves - to swim, to smoke, to sleep, house, )

Yes, that's the plan.  Together  with the stuff we're learning at
class, like colors.

> All the best and a wonderful start with this amazing invention of Valerie
> Sutton!

Thanks a lot for all the advice and encouraging words!