Hello Valerie..

 I love this sign and explanation  for DAWN... this is the same  for British Sign Language
  Perhaps you could add it to the British Sign Dictionary.. 

this evening I was explaining to my class  all about  chatting with you on SKYPE.
 Our SW  Workshop  , The SW website and Lessons..  and my DVD and my  handouts

Some of the class  understood immediately  my explanation of some basic words /shapes. 
and so I was wondering How much would it  cost  for my dvd to be translated into a  SW Booklet ??  

when I find some funding places  that are open for us to apply to.. . I could ask for funding for this to be produced..

Kind regards. 

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SignWriting List
March 5, 2012

Hi Madson and everyone -
You must forgive my poor reading of Portuguese - I really enjoy seeing SignWriting posted on FaceBook (see posting below) and I only wish I could participate better, but my poor Portuguese is a problem -  I thought I would share with you, how I would write the sign for DAWN, which you mention below - which I believe is your word MADRUGADA?… Follow the dots - this writing shows that the little finger opens first…if the thumb opened first then the dots would start at the thumb - you can place the dots exactly with the fingers that open - so if you only opened two fingers, then the exact two fingers could be marked with the dots symbols - that is why they are accurate, because you can shorten or lengthen the dot by dot symbols to show exactly which fingers open first, second and third...

On Mar 2, 2012, at 3:37 AM, Madson Barreto wrote:

(POSTAGEM 3) O símbolo que mostrei na...
Madson Barreto3:36am Mar 2

O símbolo que mostrei na 'Postagem 1" de acordo com a regra indica que o movimento de abrir começa no dedo INDICADOR e depois os outros tbm abrem.
Mas na Libras alguns sinais começam a abrir pelo dedo MÍNIMO (ex: Explicar; Madrugada).
Para escrever o movimento começando do dedo mínimo, poderia se usar a seguinte convenção (regra): escrever o símbolo (o da Postagem 1) PERTO DO DEDO MÍNIMO, isto mostraria que o movimento começa por ele.

Veja os exemplos na imagem:
A) usando o símbolo (postagem 1)
B) usando a trilha...

A Valerie Sutton disse no fórum que as duas formas estão corretas e que é possível entende-las. Acredito que a forma indicada em 'A' é mais fácil de ser escrita e pode ser usada em vários sinais. Mas a forma 'B' parece apresentar limitações quanto a escrita do sinal 'Madrugada'...

Vocês concordam em escrevermos como no exemplo 'A'?

Madson e Raquel Barreto

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