Hello Ingvild, Valerie and everyone,

Valerie, we know the "SignSpelling Rule" and we have reflected much about them.

We agree with Ingvild to use the symbols for "wrist movements" near the wrist to facilitate their assimilation. We believe the line pulse demarcate the location of this symbol, so we wrote the signs that way.

As for the symbols "Rotation Symbols," we saw the "SignSpelling Rule" for them too. Before seeing these rules (last year), we realized that positions them in place of the arm (hand below) facilitates the reading of the sign. Let me explain:

We believe that several of these symbols should be placed under the hand, because the lines (single and double) represent the arm. In some cases, however, "Rotation symbols" should be written above or below the hand for movement is forward or backward.

See the examples in Libras:

Social, sociedade - social, society.pngSocial, sociedade - social, society

Chave - key.pngChave - key
Árvore - tree.pngÁrvore - tree
Aplaudir - applaud.pngAplaudir - applaud
Família - family.pngFamília - family
Porto alegre (RS) - City.pngPorto alegre (RS) - City
Dólar - dollar.pngDólar - dollar  
Prato, pizza - Dish, pizza.pngPrato, pizza - Dish, pizza  
Sócio - partner.pngSócio - partner  
Academia - academy.pngAcademia - academy  
Tempo - time (weather).pngTempo - time (weather)
Congresso - congress.pngCongresso - congress
Lhama - llama.pngLhama - llama  
Livro - book.pngLivro - book  
Trair - betray.pngTrair - betray  
Mais ou menos - more or less.pngMais ou menos - more or less
Quebrar - break.pngQuebrar - break 
Interpretar - interpret.pngInterpretar - interpret 
Não ter - not have.pngNão ter - not have 
Rir - laugh.pngRir - laugh

Madson and Raquel Barreto