Sure! I'm glad to volunteer an example of real-world handwriting.
I have a whole folder full of songs which are translated from English or Yiddish into ASL. They are written while my ASL-consultant creates an on-the-fly interpretation of the song's printed words. I never can write quite fast enough to capture "real-time" signing -- wish I could! As is, there are a certain amount of against-the-rules shortcuts that I use, which are faster to write than the standard version, and make sense to me. (So that when the director decides to use a song I and my consultant translated 5 years ago, I can still read and understand notes from 5 years ago...) There is a constant tension between writing nicely, neatly and properly, and writing quickly and more streamlined!
It is true that standard Signwriting doesn't always flow easily from pen or paper. It feels very much like writing in Hebrew when you have to use all the diacritics and vowels, versus just writing cursive consonants, as fluent Israelis (and Yiddish speakers) do.
So here's a picture of one song, unedited, unimproved, warts and all. Straight from my cellphone. I hope it gets from here to there OK.