In order not to ask for every other sign I try to write :) I first check
if there is one similar in ASL and then look for the video here[1] to be
certain.  It's great for learning, although sometimes I get even more
confused (as with "fumble"), usually it helps.

In this case I didn't know whether to use strike # or touch * for this
[2] sign in my language, or whether I need an arrow, maybe the
strike/touch is enough?  I would write it like this:

or , or .   Are there some rules of style I can read about?  Something
that would help decide which writing is better?  I assume that the ASL
signs have been reviewed by more people and take them as the example to
follow, but that might not always be the case.

Looking for something similar in ASL I ended up in "make", but there are
two versions, one with * and one with #.  They do not use arrows though,
so I guess I can also do without.

But I wonder, are those two texts meant to represent the same sign in
ASL?  They're different alright, but I haven't found alternatives for
"make" in the online dictionaries.