On 4/18/12 4:43 AM, Madson Barreto wrote:
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I would suggest the following:
- In the translation search is CaseSensitive, right? It may not be case sensitive by treating them as lowercase and vice versa?

Case sensitive searching is an unfortunate side effect of the latest update.  I can solve it for English, but it slows down searching over 400%.  From a technical perspective, I am using XQuery on XML files.  I plan to investigate case insensitive searching with this and other technologies.

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- Valerie: There are several entries in Portuguese and in Signs (buttons) in a language that are not usual in Brazil or are still in English / ASL. This week we will translate it into Portuguese / Libras. After sending to you and Steve. Ok? This is wonderful!
Any help with any language user interface is greatly appreciated.