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April 18, 2012

Hello Ron -
Thank you for your question below: "What are the improvements or changes please?"…

In SignPuddle 2, there are new ways to search ...

1. Search by Words has been expanded. Now we can search inside a translation text, or search for all documents written by one person (source), or if we know the Puddle Page number, we can search for that one page… (right now the searching is Case Sensitive, so remember if the title is capitalized you need to type the capital letter when searching)

2. Search by Groups….search for all the signs that use symbols within one particular symbol group…or a combination of groups…

and there are more new features which I will explain in another message...

See attached screen capture:

On Apr 18, 2012, at 7:32 AM, Ronald Dettloff wrote:

What are the improvements or changes please?
R. H.  Dettloff

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Subject: Re: SignPuddle 2.0 is Live

Hi List,

FYI, you can still use the main SignPuddle index page.  These links include the user interface selection of choice for each puddle.