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March 3, 2012

Dear SW List Members -
Below, pasted in this email, is the web page on Surface Symbols. As you can see, the date is March 4th, 2000, almost 12 years ago to the day!!

Surface Symbols

And the Surface Symbols (I do not call them Position Symbols because that is the name of another group of symbols) are much older than the year 2000. They date back to 1978, in one of my first textbooks…

I will post a detailed explanation shortly. This summer, Adam will be staying with me. We will be working together on writing a book just on Movement Symbols, which includes all the Contact Symbols too. Surface Symbols are a part of the Contact Symbol group, so maybe we can teach this in better detail.

So here is the web page from year 2000:


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March 4, 2000