SignWriting List
May 16, 2012

Hi Steve!
When do you want people to start adding new articles in written sign languages, to the SignWriting Wiki encyclopedia projects?

And how do we do it?

If you can give us an idea of your timeline…When do we start?

And some simple instructions as to "how" to start writing and posting articles, then Adam and I can create some instruction videos teaching people what to do…

Many thanks for this exciting new opportunity - I can envision a large encyclopedia written in the world's sign languages someday -

Val ;-)


On May 16, 2012, at 11:42 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

Hi List,

I've updated the SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin (SWMP).  You can view the test wiki online:

MediaWiki is the software behind Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and more.  The SWMP is an extension for MediaWiki.

There are several sign language projects for Wikipedia and Wiktionary that have been "Verified as eligible".

The next step for these projects is to " develop an active test project".

Currently, the SWMP allows the viewing of SignWriting within a MediaWiki install.  Sign data can be copied from SignPuddle and pasted into the MediaWiki software.

The purpose of the extension will be to run on the various WikiMedia Foundation servers.

I am actively pursuing this goal and hoping for the best.