Hello Stefan,

So good to receive your message in SW. I can understand most of it. Some of the signs ar new to me but I get the gesture.
How is life treating you. Busy with teaching?
I have been out of it for about three years now, but I love to receive the SW. messages and try to read them. If it is about computer programmes I have not spend much time on that as  in most cases I do not understand them and also to take the time to try it out. I am going to start all my dance notes in DW.. Valerie has offered to put them on the web. Would be nice, but then who would  use them?  It is a marvellous relaxing way to write DW as you can see it in front of you happening and very precise if you have the music score with it.
May be like you. some day I will gather  them in a book form. Who knows.

How are your boys? Everyone healthy and successful in their goals?
Our Rob is still doing well and soooo nice being close to him and his family. 
We are finally getting settled a bit, starting to feel home.
I am still teaching  ballet at a local school and some lace making to a beginner.
Still busy which is nice,

Hope you are going strong, have a great summer with some rest periods eh
bye for now,



On 2012-05-22, at 2:29 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hi Tini

Thank you Valerie for this lesson:

horizontal Orientation

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