Hello everyone and Valerie,

Raquel (my wife) and I are very committed to the dissemination of SignWriting, preparing materials, workshops and courses SignWriting in our city.

This week we are holding workshops of SignWriting for groups of interpreters Libras,deaf and users Libras. There are three separate classes on different days. We started yesterday. The students are really enjoying it. Soon we will send pictures to you.

Valerie, thank you for caring to divulge our website ( here in the list.

There are more than two years researching a lot SignWriting in Brazil and worldwide. During this time we have seen that this system of writing is wonderful and fully functional. Raquel is deaf and learned SignWriting very easily.

In our country many people know the SignWriting superficially or have ever seen in any book, in Internet or in dictionary of Libras, but do not really know how to use SignWriting correctly. We have some researchers in this area, but most people still have myths surrounding this writing.

So, since last year are working to spread the SignWriting in Brazil. The time is short toresolve as many things. Open roads is not easy... These last two months we have worked non-stop!

Next month we will launch a book teaching SignWriting. The book has two chapters that present theoretical history of various writing systems or notations for sign languages, the history of SignWriting in Brazil and abroad, and also makes public the result of extensive research done in Brazil and other countries .

In the following chapters present the SignWriting step by step with many pictures andexamples of Libras. Write a story directly into SignWriting. It is divided into a part of each chapter. This story is not a translation of the Portuguese and was not built in video. It was written directly in SignWriting and has many deaf characters. It was really cool!

The book has a total of 246 pages and was the foreword is of the teacher Ph.D. Marianne Rossi Stumpf, a deaf pioneer researcher of SignWriting in Brazil.

Soon we will send the invitation to the launch list. The book can be purchased on site as well.

Greetings of peace and well.

Hugs to all.

Madson and Raquel Barreto