Adam, I saw your videos anda the movements are just like that, you got it :) Either way, let me try to upload the videos that I did.


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I realized what I was doing now. Sorry about that. This should work now.


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June 18, 2012

On Jun 18, 2012, at 9:19 AM, Stefan W�hrmann wrote:
Of course there are other signs in sign languages that ask for mouth-movements and facial expressions that are not associated with spoken language but with mimic.

Hi Stefan - Yes, this is why I think it would be wonderful if Rafaela could show us a video clip of the mouth movements, or perhaps Adam can show us through video how he interpreted the mouth and air movement for starting a motorcycle�

Adam's sign has nothing to do with any spoken language, as you say above,but  with "mimic"�I do not know the linguistic term for mouth movements that are connected with Deaf storytelling�but anyway, Adam showed me the mouth movement in person, and the lips vibrate and push air out�to the point where the saliva is almost spraying out of the mouth, showing the feeling of the sound of a motorcycle engine starting�but the mouth and lips never open - they remain touching each other -

So we need to see a video ;-)) 

Val ;-)