Hi Val and everyone,
    Val, thank you for your answer.
    We do not an automatic "translate back" feature. Snip!!!  I hope that Steve will do this.
    Best regards,
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June 14, 2012

Hello Andre and Everyone -
I have read your question below. I believe your question is: "how can we translate a SignPuddle literature document from a sign language to a spoken language?" In other words, you want to be able to know what the signs in a document mean in the spoken language of the country…

Here is how I would do that. In this example, I entered the Quebec Literature Puddle and chose the document entitled Lait:

Deaf-Blind Quebec Literature: Lait

Let us imagine I do not understand what the second sign means in the first sentence….I click on the "chercher par les symbols" button on the far left of the screen (the Search by Symbols button).

To translate back….in other words…for me to find out what the second sign means in the attached document, I open "Search by Symbols" and put in the handshape and movement symbols into the SignBox and press Search…and it should find the sign in the dictionary and I can read what the sign means…

We do not have an automatic "translate back" feature…no one has ever requested that before…but you can do it sign by sign using the Search by Symbols feature. I will send you more instruction soon…

Val ;-)


On Jun 14, 2012, at 3:46 PM, Gagnon et Thibeault wrote:

Hi Val and everyone,

     You know that many people use a translation option from the dictionary in SignPuddle. They write English into the translation box, translate from English to ASL signs, and then save this into the US literature. There is then one document in the US literature. Later, other people may want to read this document in the US literature.  But they might not understand some signs.  They then want to translate back from ASL signs to English words in the same document.

   I have a question.  How do people translate back from ASL signs to English words in the document (US literature)?

    For example: suppose there are 20 signs in a  document in the US literature, and that people don't understand 6 signs in the same document. For clarification, they may want to tranlate back from 20 signs to 20 English words. They then could look at 6 English words which could help them understand.

Best regards,,