Hi Valerie, 


Thank you very much for your detailed instruction. 


Method 1 does not work  for me  - 


(Windows XP )


If I choose in Word “Insert a Picture from a File”  - I do not get the
result ;-( 


Method 2 works of course – smile – 


Just wanted to be sure that there is no easy way to get a number of lanes
printed at once in one document... 


Thanks again ...






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June 9, 2012


Hello Stefan!

Nice to hear from you.


I believe you must chosen the SVG Refinement formatting for the document?
SVG is unique! It is not like other graphics formats, such as .PNG or .JPG.


Yesterday I discussed this issue with Steve. Right now there are really only
two alternatives.


To get each line of horizontal SignWriting, or each vertical column of
SignWriting (doesn't matter the direction) into MicroSoft Word, using the
SVG Refinement format, do the following:





1. Create the SVG document in CloumnMaker.

2. Right-click and choose to Print Frame.

3. Create a PDF of the frame, instead of printing.

4. In Microsoft Word, choose the Insert a Picture from a File. Insert the
PDF document as if it were a graphics file.





1. Create the SVG document in CloumnMaker.

2. Take a screen capture of the SignWriting.

3. The screen capture creates a PNG or JPG for you.

4. In Microsoft Word, choose the Insert a Picture from a File.


Both methods work for me -


Try inserting a PDF as a graphics file in Microsoft Word -


Val ;-)





On Jun 9, 2012, at 4:24 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hi Steve, hi Valerie... listmembers,



I  try to understand the procedure to write documents horizontal ... with


Once I got the translation I go to column maker und recreate the document
like this:


Reading Level & Layout   ...

Customize ....

In the end I get for example 6 lanes which I would like to print in a word

I know that I could print lane by lane in a PDF .. is there any other practical alternative?

Thanks for your support.