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June 14, 2012

Hello Dali Balti!
Thank you for these questions from Tunisia…Below are answers to questions 1 and 2:

First, if you go to:

ISWA HTML Reference Manual

and click on Body Symbols:

Then click on Symbol Group 27:

You will find this listing. Here is a screen capture. Look at the English descriptions. I will explain more next message:

On Jun 13, 2012, at 7:03 PM, Dali balti wrote:

> Hello signwriting friends!!!
> I have a small or a big question!!! I do not know how to qualify it!!! it is related the body movement!
> Actually, I do understand them, but I fear I have another understanding for them!!!!
> I attached five pictures related to my questions:
> 1- the head with a dotted arrow does it mean that the whole body move while fixed to the ground? (like the Michael Jackson moon dance when he tilts 45 degree?)
> 2- the picture with shoulders dotted arrows, does it mean that only the upper part of the body tilt??? (as to tilt to listen to a child, or tilting forward like a servant to his master?)
> 3- the picture with side-view!!! which one may I use if for example I want to write a side-view for hands  being signed on the left and vice versa???
> 4- the head position according to the shoulders!!! does it mean the same movements which a dancer might do while moving one's head right and left and in the middle???? if it is possible can any friend attach some pictures so that it would be clearer??? 
> so many thanks and blessings for every one in this wonderful world of SignWriting!!!!