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August 9, 2012

Thank you for this message, Charles. Of course we all agree with you from a user's point of view.

From a programming perspective, the fact that SignWriting was used to program the Avatar to move like that, is a good thing…

... In the past people told us that HamNoSys was better at programming Avatars to move, but Professor Jemni's project, I believe uses a form of SWML that they may have tweaked a bit, but nonetheless, if SignWriting played a role in the programming of the Avatar then that is a valuable thing too…

I agree that the user interface could be using the written script for sign languages, SignWriting, to the benefit of the users as well - but those are two different roles to play -

Val ;-)


On Aug 7, 2012, at 4:58 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

I tried to comment on the TED forum but it wouldn't take my password. So, I'll reply here. I strongly feel you should use SignWriting in your search database. We were working with avatars years ago in Brazil, and the only difficulty I have is that they will not teach actual reading and writing to a Deaf audience. SignWriting will. With an avatar one still has a spoken word or written word database going to a signed language, not a writing system within the actual signed language. This does not build literacy, it builds dependence on essentially an "artificial" videotape. One can build a one-to-one vocabulary list or phrase-to-phrase, but the ongoing narrative of teaching a non-hearing population to be literate in their own language is here getting them to create a videotape assignment, never teaching actual writing and grammar in comparison to other writing and grammar. 
Charles Butler
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