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August 16, 2012

On Jul 29, 2012, at 1:38 PM, Maria Galea wrote:
> do you think you could send me the links to the things we discussed over skype - well mainly the site  that mentions signwriting as a world script and names it.. this definitely needs to be included in the literature review. I didn't copy the link and can't find it again! 
> thank you for your encouragement! :)
> maria


Hello Maria and everyone on the SignWriting List!

On October 10, 2006, SignWriting was registered as one of the "World Scripts", by the International Bureau of Standardizations (ISO).

Go to:

ISO 15924 Registry of World Scripts

and scroll down. 

SignWriting is categorized as:
Sgnw, 095, SignWriting, SignEcriture, 2006-10-10

When you go look up SignWriting in the English Wikipedia, you will see this information to the right on the page, in a box…

Hope this helps, Maria!

Keep asking questions to the SignWriting List - someone will answer ;-))

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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