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August 25, 2012

Hello Maria!
Nancy is not a member of the SignWriting List, so let me answer your question below.

Actually, Nancy Romero has posted more SignPuddle articles than most people…literally hundreds and hundreds of pages are free and open for visitors to read, but they are not in the ASL Literature Puddle…The ASL Bible Puddle is Number 3 in the private SignPuddles, but we have now opened it to the public, and I need to make that more obvious on the front directory page of SignPuddle…So thank you for pointing that out to me… The ASL Bible Puddle is the only Literature puddle that is separate from the ASL Literature Puddle.

So here is the information…

The ASL Bible translations in SignPuddle, by Nancy Romero and also by the Shores Deaf Church in Michigan, directed by Pastor Ronald Dettloff and written by Ron and his Deaf team, are in a separate puddle, a HUGE one, open to viewing, copying and printing by visitors:

The ASL Bible Puddle

So how could you have found this on our web sites? You could have found it...

Click on the Library icon at the top of our web pages (in the SignPuddle directory, or on the SignWriting Site):

That takes you to:

SignWriting Library

In the SignWriting Library, click on Number 3, for Bible Literature:

SignWriting Bible Literature

and then, in the Bible Literature, click on Number 3 again for the ASL Bible Puddle:

and you will find a link to the Maltese Bible passages too!

Val ;-)


On Aug 25, 2012, at 9:11 AM, MARIA GALEA wrote:

> Hi Val and Nancy
> I would like to analyze the ASL Literature Puddle - but I can see that
> your Gospels translations, Nancy, are not included in this Puddle. Does
> you use a separate Puddle?
> How many 'writers' use the ASL public Literature Puddle? How many ASL Lit.
> Puddles are there? If there are others, are they accessible to the public?
> Thank you!
> Maria