Hello List!

The talk I gave at the State University of Bahia in July was very good. Everyone liked it so much! Deaf people were very excited about the opportunity to write Sign Language.
Many people are buying the book and make contact congratulating and thanking the initiative by the spread SignWriting. Many people are still unaware of this writing and are amazed! We are very happy to contribute to this great work.

Some deaf schools are buying the book because they want to teach their students SignWriting deaf. This is wonderful!

Now in September, we will attend another conference in Bahia. This congress will be present people all over the country and many students travel  'Letters Libras' (Letters, Arts and Literature) from the State University of Santa Catarina. Let's make the launch of our book there too. We were invited to give two lectures:

- "The Model Sutton (SignWriting) as the written language of signs" - Raquel
- "Translator Interpreter X SignWriting: opportunities or challenges?" - Madson

It will be fantastic!! See the event website: http://www.6enell.com.br/programacao.html 

We are preparing to launch our book in two places also in September.
Now in September also start courses of SignWriting, will 50h/aula. We will have classes for deaf and classes for listeners.

See see photos of workshops and other events on our site