I had the opportunity to try out the delegs Ipad app when I was in Hamburg this summer - it was really cool! I'm looking forward to its release!!

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SignWriting List
August 31, 2012

Hello Lasse, Madson and Raquel, Stefan, and everyone -

Thank you, Lasse, for joining the SignWriting List and answering the questions about your new SignWriting App for mobile phones and smartphones -

This is wonderful news about submitting it to Apple by the end of 2012…The end of this year is very close…wow…2013 will be a great year...

This is a true gift to the world, Lasse. Thank you.

You have certainly built up our excitement ;-))

I am glad you are on the SignWriting List to answer any further questions.

If you would like me to post information about your work on our SignWriting web site, I will be happy to do so - Just send me the information and I can create a web page about it…it will be one of our feature stories one day I am sure...

Big smile from California - 

Val ;-)


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Hello Madson and Raquel,
hello SignWriting List,
in the German delegs project (www.delegs.com) we are working on an iPad app. It will be a tool to view and search the delegs dictionary (which is connected to the SignPuddle dictionary), and to create and edit signs in SignWriting and add them to the dictionary. You can find some screenshots attached to this Email. We are planning on releasing the app to the Apple Appstore before the end of this year. We will inform you about the release on the SignWriting List.
For the future we have also planned an iPhone and probably an Android app to access the delegs dictionary. And we might even add some more functionality to these and the iPad app.
Also we are going to ease the access to our web app, the delegs editor (http://www.delegs.com/delegseditor/), from mobile devices. Once we are finished, using the web app on your phone or tablet will feel just like using a native app. And it will be very straight forward to create and manage SignWriting documents from your mobile device.
I hope I could give you a quick overview on our work regarding mobile devices, and build up your excitement for our upcoming developments ;)
If you have any further questions, just let me know.
Best regards,
Lasse Schneider
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Hello Valerie and everyone,
We are very happy that through the work we are doing here, many people (deaf and hearing) are beginning to learn SignWriting. This is very important. The SignWriting has many, many benefits for deaf and hearing. It's really fantastic!
Is there any project SignWriting for smartphones and mobile phones? It would be great!
Madson and Raquel Barreto

Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
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