On 9/15/12 8:43 AM, Charles Butler wrote:
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If one downloads from the SignPuddle without naming the sign, the word "glyph" is used for the whole sign representation.
That is incorrect.  SignPuddle uses the term glyph only for individual symbols of the ISWA. 

In SignPuddle, if you save a sign that doesn't have a name associated with it, it will use the term glyphogram: a writing of glyphs handled as a single unit.

I use the term glyph and glyphogram as the name of 2 different scripts in the SignWriting Image Server.  The glyph script produces symbol images.  The glyphogram script produces sign, column, or row images.

The basic writing mark of SignWriting is a symbol that is associated with a phoneme.  The basic writing mark of a logographic script is the word which represents a morpheme. SignWriting is not logographic.