Hi Valerie, 


big smile – this  is what I had in mind – the other graphic I posted before
shows „Wikipsdia“ instead of „Wikipedia“  - can you see? 


@ Adam your graphics show what I am teaching for years! – so no difference
in interpretation of the symbols! ;-)) 

- otherwise I have got no problem to accept  the square or the circel if it
comes down to fingerspelling – in some other cases I am wondering why people
sign with a D-hand but scribes write it with a sqare and index – but that is
another story... 


All best 




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October 9, 2012


Ha!! I just noticed something - I pasted in the writing for ASL Wikipedia,
and it must have come from an old artwork where the letter E is missing in
the spelling - I remember we found that and fixed it and then I pasted in
the wrong one! Please forgive the spelling error - My fault. I will have to
re-do the artwork in a couple of days - thank you, Stefan and Adam! I
appreciate your feedback… Val ;-)