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October 28, 2012

Thank you, Jonathan, for these instructions. And I remember, Adam and I started to document the keystrokes that are available in SignWriter Studio, because there are so many possible keystrokes that if you memorize those keystrokes, it is close to a real keyboarding system for entering signs with the ISWA 2010 without using a mouse…I still have to document all that, but I want you all to know that some of Jonathan's inputting features are new and cool!

Val ;-)


On Oct 28, 2012, at 1:52 PM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:

Copy to SignPuddle Online

In the SignWriter Studio™ Dictionary, move to a sign the choose Copy, Copy to Sign to SignPuddle or Ctrl+Alt+C. 
The SignPuddle will open with the copied sign displayed.
Click on the SignPuddle you want to save the sign to.

Paste from SignPuddle Online

In the SignPuddle in your web browser find the sign you want to copy and paste, 
click on the FSW link below the sign,
copy the FSW code from SignPuddle online to the clipboard. 

In the SignWriter Studio™ Dictionary add a new Entry by selecting Edit, Add new Entry or Ctrl-Ins.
Select Paste FSW from SignPuddle or Ctrl+Alt+V.  This will save the sign to the currently selected entry.


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