> The first possible solution is to drop category 6.  This solution would
> be fine for everyday regular use.  Would it be enough?

I'll check that.

> I have included information about Jonathan Duncan's font work on the
> ISWA 2010 Font Reference.  Near the bottom, "Derivative ISWA 2010 Fonts".

> This solution requires an additional level of symbol encoding.  Each symbol is analyzed for repeating shapes and pieces.  Each symbol is described as a 2-dimensional construct of pieces. The Cartesian coordinates used to place the symbols are used to translate the coordinates of the individual pieces.

Nice.  Thanks for explaining.  I think it would be pretty difficult (if
possible at all) to implement in graphite.  The construction information
database would have to live inside graphite, or inside the font, but
that would require even more glyphs ...

> About the links, number 7 gives me a "403 Forbidden" error.  A screen
> capture would be appreciated too.
>> [7]

Sorry, it should have been:

Find attached the screen captures.  There seems to be some more work to
do to integrate Firefox and Graphite, the printing output depends on
where it gets the font.  A remote font (via css @font-face) yields
squares bu a local font shows all symbols correctly filled/rotated but
not positioned and it also the structural markers.  That is weird, it
has to go through graphite to show the right symbols and, if it does, it
should not be printing the other unicode characters ...