Hi André and Adam,

André shame you haven't got any answer. There are some illustrations in Cross-linguistic Guide, as I wrote, but we need more, because all symbols are not clear.
It is enough to make it in the way it was done in the Guide.

I hope it is not too much work for people who understand the symbols well.


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The problem is getting photos to match the feel of what the symbols mean. It hard to get someone who can do the expressions well. Maybe if we could make a animation or do a drawing would be best, but just haven't gotten to it at this time.


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Hi Honza,

I already asked your same question before.  I didn't get an answer.

Photos for facial expressions and Mundbilder (mouthing) systems are good for Deafian people.

Best regards,


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Hi Valerie and Stefan,

Stefan - I use your "Mundbilder" (but only for part of words). We are not sure if it is necessary or not to write whole words, so we write just few letters of each word.

Thank you Val, yes I know there are many explanations, but it is not exact.
Best are pictures. I found some in Cross-linguistic Guide, but there are only some - especially there are only 3-4 eyebrow patters.


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Hi Valerie and friends,


In addition to that we discussed again and again my “Mundbilder” system – smile


You find it in my “Handbuch zur GebärdenSchrift”


It is helpful to describe/write down that part of information coming from the lips of a signer if it is not meant as “mouth gesture” but associated with given words in the spoken language of that country. ...


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All best





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SignWriting List

December 4, 2012


Find information on Facial Expression symbols in SignWriting….Go to the International SignWriting Alphabet 2010 Reference web page:


ISWA 2010 HTML Reference Guide


scroll down and click on:


Category 4: Head & Faces


scroll down and click on:


SymbolGroup 22: Head


SymbolGroup 23: Brow Eyes Eyegaze


SymbolGroup 24: Cheeks Ears Nose Breath


SymbolGroup 25: Mouth Lips


SymbolGroup 26: Tongue Teeth Chin Neck


Every symbol is listed with names in English beside each symbol.


These symbols are used in several software programs, including SignPuddle (www.SignPuddle.org)  and SignWriter Studio (www.SignWriterStudio.com).


Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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