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December 31, 2012

Hello Dali, and Steve and Dianne -

This is a wonderful gift for 2013, Dali…Thank you for translating the book "A Cross-Linguistic Guide to SignWriting" into Arabic and Tunisian Sign Language….It will be used by all Arabic speaking SignWriting users I am sure - not just from Tunisia - As you know, there are SignWriting users in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and so forth...

And a new workbook - how cool!!

The year 2013 is already shaping up to becoming an important year in SignWriting history - I have just heard from three projects, that they have big plans for publishing and producing SignWriting documents and software in 2013…from different countries...

So Happy New Year everyone!

Val ;-)


On Dec 30, 2012, at 1:53 PM, Dali balti wrote:

> Hello dear friends!!!
> Thank you dear Valerie for all the answers you gave me, I reread all the documents you sent to SW List, they were a big help for me, I also corrected the signs I made in Tunisian SignPuddle for Surface Symbols, and I have just finished 9 Units out of 12 from Parkhurst's SW Guide, it is a wonderful book, I love it so much!!!!!
> Once I finish translating it into Arabic with Tunisian Sign Language Signs, I will send it to you, and to all my friends in the list, it is up-to-dated with the new handshapes corresponding to the site's signpuddle handshapes!!!
> I am also creating a Workbook based on Parkhurst's SW Guide, which might help SW learners to have more practice in this field!!!!
> How I love SW!!! it became my hobby and obsession!!!! :D