I really preferred the old SignType program on the old AppleIIe. It worked as a typing program. Type a handshape, surround it by modifiers, move those modifiers for clarity. Add a facial circle, which can only fit one place, plus eyebrows, etc. 
Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.

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Sent: Saturday, December 8, 2012 6:35 PM
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SignWriting List
December 8, 2012

Hello Martin -

I am starting to read your document - I am on page 3 right now. I have my first question. It is attached in a diagram…

I think the new terminology of a "Tuple" is very interesting... In the long run, terminology doesn't matter very much, just as long as the SignWriting Script can be written visually, and accurately and hopefully with ease.

I personally do not think in any spoken language, when writing movement.

Adam explained to me that the letter "n" probably stands for "north", and the letter "s" must mean "south"…I would never have thought of that…but I am glad to understand it.

So the way I think is different. When I look at the attached sign, I see four SignWriting symbols.

Can you provide me, or us, with a way to actually start writing with your model? Without a way to start writing with it, I will never know if it works for me…I need "hands on" to know if it works…can you program a test program for us and let me try to write a document or a few signs?

See attached for my first question…