Hi Valerie and sw-friends,


I would like to ask for your comments about the following issue.


Within our delegs-projekt a group of specialized design-students have a second look at the various SW-symbols. From their point of view there are options to “improve” the design of some symbols in order to make the whole SW-symbol-font look more “modern” or “nice”


While preparing some studies of the ongoing process they showed up with the question whether the bent index can be written with smooth curves as well showing the index finger bent as you designed it as a finger with sharp edges.





I played around with the signmaker to create a little demo of what I am talking about.  ;-))



Interesting question – so I looked carefully at the Symbolset and discovered that the “claw hand”  is designed exactly this way  (rounded lines for the fingers)

On the other hand the hands with only one, two or at least three fingers show this other design with sharp 90° angles.


Can you tell us: Is this a matter of history? Coming from the old “DOS-SW-Software – we could not write nice circles either. You know this “old symbol” just indicating that you are supposed to see a circle-movement shown as some dots in a circle.


What about this difference between a clawhand with curves or the same hand written with edges?





Is there any meaningful difference in the background that you would want us to know?   Or is this a matter of artwork? ... or  something else?


Would it be any difference if we would write all these bent fingers with soft rounded lines?


Thank you very much for your attention.


All best