Hi Kim and everyone,

 Kim, thank you for your answer.  I understand what you said.


Le 13-03-07 06:46, « Kimberley Shaw » <[log in to unmask]> a écrit :

>Hello all:
>Andre has touched on something I'd daydreamed of -- "Handful of
>Spells" translated into other languages! I'd love to do simultaneous
>English / ASL readings from it, for example (me and a Deaf buddy.)
>But sorry, Andre -- at the moment it exists in written English only.
>Gues the pressure's on for me to put the opening chapter into ASL, eh?
>Kim from Boston, the novelist
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>> Hi Kim and everyone,
>> Is it possible to read this book in English as well as in its written
>> version, both at the same time?
>> Best regards,
>> André
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>>>Hello everyone:
>>>at long, long last ... my novel is available for the world to see and
>>>What is this story? It tells of a mainstreamed kid, who isn't getting
>>>along so great in a hearing/speaking-only environment. The school she
>>>goes to is something like Harry Potter's Hogwarts, but in America.
>>>(After all, there must be *some* Deafs in the "Potterverse", right?
>>>And how can the American "Witch City" not have a magical school of its
>>>own?) But when she encounters magic-workers who talk and WRITE in Sign,
>>>everything changes for the better.
>>>It's called "A Handful of Spells", and I've been working on the
>>>manuscript since 2007. I do eventually want to find it a real
>>>publisher, but in the meanwhile, here is the self-published version:
>>>     $15 per copy, for sale online.
>>>OR for those of you in the Boston / Cambridge MA area (USA), stop on
>>>by the store, admire the machine they print it on, and pick up a copy
>>>in person!
>>>All the best,
>>>Kimberley Shaw ("Kim from Boston")