On 4/7/13 8:50 AM, Marquita Formosa wrote:
> Stephen,
> Well Done for the plugins work I got really into it as well. The thing which I did not
> fully understand is how are we going to get the ASCII for each sign. May I ask
> what is the exact procedure please?
Hi Marquita,

The ASCII codes, called Formal SignWriting or FSW, are available from 
SignPuddle Online on SignBank.

1) All of the signs in SignPuddle Online as available as Formal 
SignWriting.  Under each sign, you will see a link called "Sign data: 
FSW".  This link provides the ASCII code.

2) Each SignPuddle dictionary is available as an XML export.  Each 
dictionary export is filled with Formal SignWriting.

3) You can use SignPuddle Online to create a new sign without saving it 
to the dictionary.
  * go to SignMaker and make a new sign
  * click the "Add to SignPuddle" when you are done
  * instead of saving the sign, scroll to the bottom of the save page 
and use the "Data Format" link
  * choose the FSW link to see the ASCII code

4) The ASCII codes are used for the American Sign Language Wikipedia 
Project and should start appearing more and more on the Internet. 
Anywhere you find the ASCII codes can be a source of writing you can use.

As plugin development continues, real editing will becomes possible and 
we will not longer be dependent on SignPuddle Online for new writings.

Additionally, as SignPuddle Online development continues, the Formal 
SignWriting representation will become easier to access.