Hi Adam,

Below are the instructions for installing the SignWriting Thin Viewer on 
iOS for iPod, iPad, or iPhone.  I just installed it on my 1st generation 
iPad and it works beautifully.  I love the zoom on the SVG.

A great bonus is the ease of copying a sign on iOS.  Touch and hold on 
top of any sign created from the SignWriting Thin Viewer.  After 1 
second, the sign will be selected and offer a copy command for the 
Formal SignWriting.

SignWriting Thin View install for iOS
First, visit, For End Users

Select and copy the Pastable Bookmark line of code

It is easiest to edit an old bookmark.  If you don't have a bookmark to 
edit, create a temporary bookmark to anywhere.

In the menu for Bookmarks, use the Edit button. Select the target 
bookmark and edit it's contents.  Change the first line (Title) to 
"SignWriting Thin Viewer".  Change the second line (Address) to "<paste 
bookmark code here>"

Anywhere you find Formal SignWriting, use the bookmark to see the 
SignWriting instead.