On 4/9/13 4:15 AM, MARIA GALEA wrote:
> Thank you Steve, Valerie and Stefan for your messages and explanations - I
> think I understand a little better now.
> So could i send an email using the FSW code - and then the SignWriting
> would show up?

Hi Maria,

If you send FSW in an email, the recipient will receive the FSW.  If the 
recipient is using a web mail client, they can apply the SignWriting 
Thin Viewer bookmark to see the signs.

I use an email application called Thunderbird.  It is possible to create 
a special plugin for Thunderbird based on the SignWriting Thin Viewer.  
It should take a couple of hours to package.  Once this plugin was 
available, anyone who had it installed could automatically see the 
SignWriting signs directly in their email rather than the FSW code.

The first plugin that I have available works for website and HTML. Many 
additional plugins are possible for specific software packages.

> I'm trying to think of a way that I can try it out, because
> I grasp things when I try them out.

Have a look at and the work that Adam has done to 
localize the user interface for the ASL Wikipedia Project.  The 
following link is a search result for the ASL language code of "ase".  
Page down until you see the FSW code.

TranslateWiki is not using the SignWriting Thin Viewer (yet...). Because 
of this, you will see the FSW codes.  This is a great place to use the 
Bookmark.  The press of a button and the SignWriting appears.