Hi Maria, 

this is exactly what has been on my mind. I would love to estimate what is
going on but I do not understand ... Will this accomplichment change
anything in the way I am using SignWriting with SignPuddle or the

Thanks for your message! 

All best 


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Betreff: Re: Using the SignWriting Thin Viewer bookmark on iOS

Dear Steve,
Well done for the accomplishment - however all this information is just an
unknown language for me since my programming skills are non-existent. Do
you think you could somehow simplify what is going on. Perhaps what a
plugin is and what it is used for. I was thinking maybe an actual example
and demo would be helpful,  i would like to include this development in my
work, but i cannot grasp what is going on..and how a SignWriter can use
thanks for your patience

> Hi Adam,
> Below are the instructions for installing the SignWriting Thin Viewer on
> iOS for iPod, iPad, or iPhone.  I just installed it on my 1st generation
> iPad and it works beautifully.  I love the zoom on the SVG.
> A great bonus is the ease of copying a sign on iOS.  Touch and hold on
> top of any sign created from the SignWriting Thin Viewer.  After 1
> second, the sign will be selected and offer a copy command for the
> Formal SignWriting.
> SignWriting Thin View install for iOS
> -------------------------------
> First, visit, For End Users
> Select and copy the Pastable Bookmark line of code
> It is easiest to edit an old bookmark.  If you don't have a bookmark to
> edit, create a temporary bookmark to anywhere.
> In the menu for Bookmarks, use the Edit button. Select the target
> bookmark and edit it's contents.  Change the first line (Title) to
> "SignWriting Thin Viewer".  Change the second line (Address) to "<paste
> bookmark code here>"
> Anywhere you find Formal SignWriting, use the bookmark to see the
> SignWriting instead.
> Regards,
> -Steve