On 4/9/13 7:55 AM, Eduardo Trápani wrote:
> Stephen, do you plan add SW Unicode support to the plugin? While FSW 
> is great and convenient (being ASCII, easy to parse and to copy/paste) 
> I have the feeling that, in the long run, Unicode should become the 
> prefered textual form.

Hi Eduardo,

If we can get the font working, I agree.

Towards that end, I will be creating an additional plugin that takes the 
FSW ASCII and converts it to the Unicode rather than the DIV, SPAN 
markup.  So anyone who chooses to start deploying the Formal SignWriting 
online right now will not need to worry about future updates or 
conversions.  The upgrade to Unicode will be as easy as replacing the 
"SignWriting Thin Viewer" with a future "SignWriting Thin for Unicode" 

> Parsing could be done based on the lang attribute. Wow, what a great 
> idea you had! The more I think about it, the more I like it. It opens 
> up lots of possibilities.

I'm excited as well.  And we just getting started...

> If you need testers or some help from developers, let us know! Thanks, 
> Eduardo. 

Thank you Eduardo.  I appreciate everyone's reactions, experiences, and 
ideas.  Testers and developers are welcome to contribute.

Regarding font development, your work Eduardo has been immensely 
helpful.  I've very proud of the last section on and I 
can't wait for future developments.

Life is fun, eh?