SignWriting List
April 9, 2013

See my message below…

On Apr 9, 2013, at 2:15 AM, MARIA GALEA <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Thank you Steve, Valerie and Stefan for your messages and explanations - I
> think I understand a little better now.
> So could i send an email using the FSW code - and then the SignWriting
> would show up? I'm trying to think of a way that I can try it out, because
> I grasp things when I try them out. If not possible, your explanations
> will suffice for now.
> thank you again!
> maria


Thank you Maria, for this understandable need to see something work with it - Although email may work for some people who use web browsers to get their email, it may not work for everyone yet in email… but here is a way for you to view it -

1. Go to this web page:

2. That is a SignPuddle document page … click on the FSW link below the document.

3. You will see the FSW code - a great big bunch of code that looks like nothing to non-programmers.

4. Next, if you have the SW Thin Viewer button located on your Bookmarks Toolbar in your web browser, you click on that button, and voila! The FSW code turns into readable SignWriting…

Do you have the SW Thin Viewer button on your Toolbar in your browser yet?

And Steve - when I do the above, the FSW does not turn into all the SignWriting - only a little bit of the beginning of the document became SW - the rest didn't show up - is there a limit to the length of the document?

Val ;-)